It’s like being granted 5 wishes instead of 3.

Yeah, it's like that at College of DuPage.

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Only a few things in life are actually better than you imagined.


If you could create the perfect college experience, what would you build? Maybe you’d look for a college with a faculty of industry-leading experts or one with small, personal classes. Maybe you’d look for a college with hundreds of programs to explore or one with highly-specialized areas of study. Or maybe you’d look for state-of-the-art facilities or for shockingly affordable tuition prices. And sometimes, it might even seem like finding all the right things together at one college is impossible.

But at College of DuPage, we make all of these things possible.

Affordable Tuition.

Yeah, it’s like that at COD.

Why pay more for an education that affords you less? At College of DuPage, we refuse to compromise any of our other advantages – that rival four-year institutions’ – at the expense of our graduates facing mountains of student loans. With almost 200 areas of study, you’ll graduate from COD primed and ready for an exceptional future – without exceptional debt.


College of DuPage has transfer agreements with almost every public university in the state of Illinois (and with more than 19 private schools, too).

Hands-On Learning.

Yeah, it’s like that at COD.

Enter the world of College of DuPage and prepare to learn through our innovative programs packed with real-world experience. You chase storms to study meteorology. You showcase your architecture skills through blueprints and builds. You perfect your culinary arts in our chocolate room and commercial-grade kitchen. You launch your filmmaking career in our motion picture studio. You code the next world-changing program in computer science labs. It’s immersive learning on a whole new level.


Get the best bang for your buck. College of DuPage is a crazy good value for an incredibly high-quality education.

High-Tech Facilities.

Yeah, it’s like that at COD.

Find yourself speechless when you step onto our campus for the first time. From our auto-tech workbay, boutique hotel and culinary center, design and film studios, and sustainable greenhouses, to our state-of-the-art computing center, full dental lab, and simulation hospital – you’ll have access to more than one million square feet of high-tech facilities. Our innovative learning labs put you in the driver’s seat for whatever career path you decide to take.


Take three years of classes at College of DuPage, with the fourth year taught by the partner universities on College of DuPage’s campus.

Expert Faculty.

Yeah, it’s like that at COD.

Our Ph.D. and masters-degree faculty aren’t just professors – they’re doers. With extensive real-world experience, our field-leading experts teach everything from cutting-edge technology that kick starts your robotics career to socially-responsible interior concepts that shape you into a world-class designer. And with our 21:1 student/faculty ratio, you’ll receive the personalized attention you deserve to build practical, in-demand skills that will launch your career or prepare you for your next chapter.

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